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At the close of our last Steering Committee meeting, Eduardo sent us off with a Haiku. Perfect and spot on.

We want healthy kids

By us working on asthma

Real change can happen

He has challenged all Steering Committee members to write a Haiku that captures the essence of our mission or an element of our concern. As a refresher, here’s some information about how to write a Haiku…

Haiku are short poems that use sensory language to capture a feeling or image. They are often inspired by an element of nature, a moment of beauty or a poignant experience. Haiku poetry was originally developed by Japanese poets, and the form was adapted to English and other languages by poets in other countries.

 Japanese Haiku traditionally consist of 17 on, or sounds, divided into three phrases: 5 sounds, 7 sounds, and 5 sounds. English poets interpreted on as syllables. Haiku poetry has evolved over time, and most poets no longer adhere to this structure, in either Japanese or English; modern Haiku may have more than 17 sounds or as few as one.

I look forward to publishing yours in the NEAR future!


This Week’s Featured Organization and Steering Committee Member:


Brent A. Brown, AIA

416 South Ervay
Dallas, Texas 75201
(214) 252-2900


Brent A. Brown, AIA, is a Dallas architect working daily to balance social, economic, and environmental issues by deploying design to enhance livability for all Dallas’ residents. Through his efforts Dallas is re-visioning how it lives, works and plays. In 2005, Mr. Brown founded the buildingcommunity WORKSHOP (bcWORKSHOP), a local non-profit community design resource seeking to improve the livability and viability of communities through the practice of thoughtful design and making. He is also the Founding Director of the City of Dallas’ CityDesign Studio stewarding the urban design vision for the city. By engaging residents, landowners, business owners, investors and community stakeholders, Brent deploys a community-led planning method building shared vision for the city’s future. Winner of numerous local and national design awards, he is especially proud to be the 2011 recipient of the Dallas Historical Society Award for Excellence in Humanities for his sensitive work in reconciling and balancing future growth with the interests of existing communities.

Mr. Brown’s approach to improving livability includes utilizing renewable energy and physical form to improve human health in communities. In 2010, Brent represented the southwest region as part of the President’s Forum on Clean Energy and Public Health at the White House and is an active member of the US Green Building Council. In 2013, Mr. Brown joined the International Economic Development Advisory Board of Rotterdam in The Netherlands and recently joined The Health and Wellness Alliance for Children as a member of its Steering Committee.

Brent is a strong advocate for Public Design earning his Bachelor of Environmental Design and Master of Architecture from Texas A & M University. Since 2010, he has been a guest lecturer of the Public Interest Design Institute at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and served is an advisor to the 2011 AIA Latrobe Prize focusing on Public Interest Practice.

Brent resides with his family in the century old Munger Place Neighborhood in Old East Dallas.



Michael H. Samuelson

Interim Executive Director, The Health and Wellness Alliance for Children

Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin: Fifteen ACTION Tips

Children's Health Alliance of Wisconsin

Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin: Fifteen ACTION Tips…

  1. Widen the Circle of Interest and Involvement
  2. Focus Work Groups on Projects that are Clearly Defined and Finite
  3. Find Sustainable Funding
  4. Involve Elected Officials
  5. Maintain an Independent, Neutral, and Distinct brand
  6. Collaborate … Don’t Compete
  7. Consider Involving Pharmacy Associations
  8. Build Close Working Relationships with Existing Asthma Coalitions
  9. Consider (down the road) Building Outside Membership as Well as an Annual Meeting with Awards and Recognitions
  10. Build Independent Website with Blog (in the works)
  11. Introduce Periodic “Listening Sessions” with Families and Practitioners (Town Hall Meetings)
  12. Form an Advisory Board and include Families
  13. Develop and Nurture Face-to-Face Relationships (“Meet/Visit the Neighbors”)
  14. Target Efforts According to Needs
  15. Look for and Solicit Unlikely Partners…Allow for Time

Welcome! Steering Committee Update 08-13-13




    This Week’s Featured Organization and Steering Committee Member:

    Julbilee Park and Community Center

    Candace Thompson
    Community Outreach Manager

    907 Bank Street
    Dallas, Texas 75223
    (214) 887-1364

Candace Thompson

Candace has worked in social services for over 10 years.  She joined the staff at Jubilee Park and Community Center after working with homeless families and individuals in crisis living in transitional housing.  As Community Outreach Manager she serves as an advocate and catalyst for change by educating and empowering members of Jubilee Park. In particular, she informs members regarding local resources and services that help strengthen families and build community.  Presently, Candace leads the Public Health Task Force which encompasses senior programming and implements health and wellness initiatives for the whole family.  She is pursuing a dual Master’s degree in Social Work and Public Administration at the University of Texas at Arlington. She is passionate about achieving social justice and equity through collective efforts for the greater good of all.

Be Well!


Interim Executive Director, Health & Wellness Alliance for Children




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  • DRAFT OF COMMON AGENDA DOCUMENT (To Return to the Main Page Simply Hit the Back Page Arrow on Your Browser)

080113_HWAC Common Agenda-1

Please take the time to read and reflect on the Common Agenda.  BEFORE AUGUST 8,  we ask that you fill out a very short survey, which will ask you about your reactions to the Common Agenda.  It should take you no more than 3 minutes.  The survey can be accessed by clicking the following link:

  • EXECUTIVE BRIEFING DRAFT (To Return to the Main Page Simply Hit the Back Page Arrow on Your Browser)

Health and Wellness Alliance Executive Summary



This Week’s Featured Organization and Steering Committee Member:

H.I.S. Bridgebuilders

Bill Dawkins
Chief Financial Officer
(469) 621-5981

Bill Dawkins

As CFO, Bill’s work encompasses reporting and financial analyses, policies, and planning. Additionally, Bill focuses on economic development and microbusiness opportunities within the Ministry.

Bill joined the ministry during July, of 2011. As a product of an inner city environment Bill most enjoys spending time on ministry projects and getting to know the people that BridgeBuilders serves.

Dawkins earned an MBA from The University of Chicago and has over 25 years of business operations and profit center management. He’s held leadership roles in corporate finance and project finance investment banking and the management of small companies as part of private equity transactions.


Michael H. Samuelson

Interim Executive Director, Health and Wellness Alliance for Children